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A-level Students

Looking for AQA A-level Sociology revision? You've come to the right place!

Look through all the units of Education, Family, Research Methods, Crime & Deviance, Media and Theory & Methods.

The A-level Sociology iPhone App

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Too many key terms and theorists?

There is so much to remember, and the A-level Sociology App is designed to give you a helping hand. Through quizzes and flashcards, it helps you revise your key terms or theorists on a specific unit. Unlike other revision apps, there are no hidden fees for accessing units. There's simply everything you need to help you achieve the best possible grade.

A-level sociology revision aqa app - The Sociology Teacher

The A-level Psychology iPhone App

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Do you take Psychology too?

Just like Sociology, A-level Psychology has lots of content that you need to get your head around. Just as with the Sociology app, it has everything you need and you can revise through flashcards and quizzes.

A-level sociology revision aqa app - The Sociology Teacher
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