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Why Should I Study A-level Sociology?

So you're about to start A-level sociology and you're wondering what's in store? Perhaps you're still deciding and sociology is an option? Let's take a look at what you can expect from A-level sociology, and where it can take you.

What Can I Expect From A-level Sociology?

If you want to succeed, you need to be ready to read regularly, write plenty of essays, and revise effectively and consistently. Many students choose sociology thinking it is a 'fun' subject, which it can be, but you need to be willing to do the work. Here's why...

A-level sociology has a lower percentage of people getting a grade C or higher than other subjects including chemistry, drama, mathematics, further mathematics, R.E, politics, media studies, English, geography, economics, art, Spanish, German and French!

Now we've set aside any myths about sociology being an 'easy' subject, let's get back to why it can be engaging and interesting.

Throughout the A-level you'll learn about the different ways of looking at society, also known as perspectives. Some, like functionalism, look at society a positive light, whilst others, like Marxism, see society in a negative and critical way. This means that whether you're an optimist or pessimist, you'll find a perspectives that fit with your own beliefs and opinions.

Also, sociology is a subject that allows constant analysis of the world around us. Your lessons will be relevant to current affairs, and you'll be able to discuss events in relation to what you're learning about. This gives sociology a different feel to other subjects. If you're learning about the Tudors in history, you might be lucky if there's a period drama on TV. However, when you're learning about why people commit crime in sociology, you'll be able to read the news that day and start applying your new knowledge.

If you want to know about what specific units and topics you'll cover, take a look here.

Where Can A-level Sociology Take Me?

"I love sociology, but I don't want to be a sociology teacher!" - That's fine! The vast majority of sociology students don't become sociology teachers!

It's a great choice if you want to go into teaching - both primary and secondary - however there are many other careers that sociology can be great for, including the police, charities, the military, HR, marketing, business management, research, journalism, mental health work, social work, politics and many more.

That said, sociology is also worth considering if you're unsure of where you're headed in the future!

So why is sociology ideal for such a variety of career paths? Let's find out...

Why Does Studying Sociology Make Me So employable?

Sociology equips you with a core knowledge of society, how it works and how it changes. This is valuable to all employers across all lines of work. It's also increasingly valuable due to the rapid change society is experiencing as a result of globalisation.

As a sociologist, you will also be able to communicate proficiently and considerately. Communication frequently appears as one of the most sought-after skills by employers, and you will have developed your written communication throughout the A-level course which is assessed solely through exams, as well as getting the chance to work in groups to deliver presentations. What's more, you'll have the added awareness of the importance of both cultural and social differences when discussing sensitive topics with a range of people.

Critical analysis is also developed through sociology and is another skill that employers look for. Critical analysis is the careful assessment of something and it's strengths and weaknesses, which in the case of sociology includes theories, social policies and research. This skill can be used in numerous situations in working life. For example, your business may publish a report on sales and it may look good on face value. Using your skills from sociology, you could analyse the data and find that sales by men had decreased. You may then change the your next advertising campaign with this in mind.

Sociology is a challenging subject, but work hard and you'll be able to unlock many doors in your future journeys. Remember to come back here to where you'll find help with revision, content, exams and more.

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