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Top 8 Netflix Shows that Count as A-level Sociology Revision and Further Reading.

If you're revising or studying A-level sociology and you've got Netflix, there's a huge variety of sociology-related shows that will help you become a more-informed sociologist. Here's the top 8 current best:

Can't Pay? We'll Take it away!

8. Can't Pay? We'll Take it Away! An award-winning series following people in debt and the bailiffs who confront them. Most of them are clearly in challenging times and usually working class. Marxists would feel that those in debt are being oppressed and treated unfairly, whilst the New Right would suggest that they only have themselves to blame.

7. Girls Incarcerated Exactly what the title infers; a documentary series following young women in prison in America. Perfect for Gender and Crime.

Wild Child

6. Wild Child Who said this list had to be serious? You've seen Wild Child. How does it link to A-level sociology? How doesn't it link! It's clash of cultures in an all-girl independent school! (It's safe to say this one's not worth referencing in an essay.)

5. Dirty Money A documentary series all about corporate crime. Packed full of examples for you to use in essays. It's received nothing but praise from critics since its release, and it's clear to see why when you watch it.

4. Fahrenheit 911 - Michael Moore Michael Moore is a socialist documentary make who tackles a range of issues in his films. In Fahrenheit 911, he examines the 'war on terror' following 9/11. It's full of sociological content and definitely going to widen your knowledge of state crime and power. ('Capitalism - A Love Story' is another documentary by Moore on Netflix which is also well worth watching.)

3. Black Mirror

This is a tricky one to explain. Each episode is completely different. It analyses society and the impact of existing or potential technologies in creepy ways. It raises a host of sociological questions and some say it offers a scary insight into society's future. A good episode to start is Nosedive (Series 3, Episode 1).

The Fundamentals of Caring

2. The Fundamentals of Caring This film is perfect for linking to Media, in particular, the representation of disabled people. It's also heart-warming and funny.

Flint Town

1. Flint Town This documentary series has to take top spot because it's as if it was made with A-level sociology students in mind. It takes a cop's eye perspective on the battle to reduce crime in Flint, whilst incorporating the whole of the Crime & Deviance unit. Control & Punishment? They're taking a zero-tolerance approach to crime. State Crime and Green Crime? Residents are still drinking bottled water as the tap water was poisoned with lead. Globalisation? The car manufacturers moved elsewhere causing mass unemployment. Ethnicity & Crime? Black communities feel targeted whilst white and black police officers share their views.

There are many more links, but there's no point eating into your day when you could be starting to watch it!

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